Little Eagles® Martial Arts

Ideas for toddlers martial arts classes

Little Eagles® Martial Arts is the premier online video catalog to help professional martial artists with lesson planning and creative ideas for teaching toddler classes.  Any style of martial arts will benefit from the dozens of quick –around 2 minutes each–  video tutorials offering age appropriate drills and skills that can easily be integrated with your specific style.

Each downloadable package of videos will give you new and fun ideas to teach toddlers any style of martial arts. Video tutorials involving balance, coordination, focus, discipline and games are so affordable at only $9.99 for 15 videos, and will add to your bottom line!  You can view them now and later, show them to your staff,  and pick and choose what works for you and your style.

Click here to see our $4.99  5 Video Quick Rental

Plus, toddlers really relate to our adorable Little Eagles® Martial Arts mascot! Fantastic marketing and promotional items are available for purchase. Use them as giveaways to invite new students into your classes, to advertise outside of your business and as rewards for a job well done!