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Can pre-schoolers really learn martial arts?

preschool kids in martial arts uniforms

Pre-schoolers are capable of learning a lot, but most are not ready for any formal martial arts training. However, there are many reasons to enroll a 3, 4 or 5 year old child in a “martial arts based” program.

Martial arts for pre-schoolers can be great for social interaction 

The reason this blog exists is to help other martial artists learn from our mistakes! Our first attempt at instructing 3 to 5 year olds was a disaster. We simply used the same curriculum we were teaching the older kids. That was a big mistake and actually cost us students that we could have potentially kept for years. Do not attempt to teach formal martial arts to pre-schoolers!

Instead we realized that we could introduce tiny aspects of our particluar style while providing structured social interaction. That is what this young age group is capable of accomplishing and is what they need to flourish among future school-mates and friends.

Be true to your art while helping youngsters feel a sense of achievement

We know that years of training to become a master instructor and school owner involved an appreciation of  culture and tradition.  While older children understand the importance of training the mind through a pre-class meditation; pre-schoolers are having none of that! An instructor can, however, teach focus through what we like to call a 30-second ninja drill.  Youngsters are challenged to stay perfectly still and quiet for 30 seconds so he or she becomes invisible like a ninja. Does your style of martial art incorporate any type of meditation? Or demand focus from students? Do you expect students to listen while you are instructing? Well that 30-second ninja drill just did the same thing – only at a pre-school level!

Pre-schoolers can learn what is expected in a martial arts class

Think of a martial arts class for pre-schoolers as preparation for your beginner level kid’s classes. This younger age group is not developed enough to be on the mat with the big 6 years olds; they end up feeling overwhelmed. Teaching a pre-schooler how to take turns, share with others, and have respect for teachers and classmates is a great way to prepare them for the next step! Quick and fast paced drills, like 30-second ninja, will keep youngsters interested and excited about his or her martial arts classes.

 Little Eagles® Martial Arts can help you teach pre-school classes

We have learned through 20 years of experience how to run a succesful martial arts program for 3, 4 and 5 year olds.  Instructors should make their classes engaging for this age group while teaching valuable social skills all at the same time! We know what games and drills work to instill these characteristics in our youngest of students! Little Eagles® Martial Arts offers quick streaming and downloadable video clips of actual classes for instructors to use in their own pre-school martial arts classes! Your style and our support can mean new students and successful  classes for you.  

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