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How to start a pre-school martial arts program, Steps 6-10

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How to start a pre-school martial arts program, steps 6 – 10 offers more tried-and-true tips to begin your new program . Of course we sprinkle in a few links to our merchandise and video tutorials, but the choice is yours to click. 

6) Offer a free class to your local pre-school

When you have become more comfortable with this age-group you can begin to “mobilize and advertise”.  There is absolutely no cost to you, and you will have a captive audience of your target market.  Keep in mind that you must have a class-size limit! A manageable number of 6 to 8 students produces the best outcome.

You may or may not be allowed to hand out brochures or information, especially if you are on their property. But you can always reward the kids with a sticker on their chest for trying hard. Our toddler-approved Little Eagles Martial Arts logo on round stickers are perfectly sized for pre-school size kids.

7) Colorful flyers attractive to toddlers

E-mail continues to be the best for advertising to your target audience. After all, parents are the ones responsible for signin-up their child in your toddler martial arts program. But if your target student doesn’t have an e-mail account (in this case 4 to 6 year olds) then you are missing some opportunities!  

Print advertising is still a fantastic way to attract immediate attention to what you have to offer. Brightly colored and professionally printed flyers can be placed strategically for your target student to take notice!  Displaying flyers at the height of the average adult’s waist places them at eye level with a pre-schooler.  It’s the same reason the candy at the super-market checkout is at a child’s eye level! 

8) Encourage pre-teen students to help out

If you can remember when you were a youngster you will remember that an older kid being given responsibility meant he or she became a role-model for younger kids. Bringing a pre-teen into your toddler classes to help-out will make the little ones take notice. They will have a role-model closer in age that they can look up to.  

9) Have a system of rewards and promotions

This young age group responds very well to tangible rewards and achievements.  Our stand-by of products includes stickers, temporary tattoos, balloons, patches and diplomas.  

When a new student attends his or her 5th class, they are rewarded with a uniform patch. For smaller achievements we recognize a job well done with stickers and temporary tattoos. Using balloons in the classes for practice and handing them to the best-improved student at the end of class is a huge boost to a little ego! 

Little Eagles “Taking Flight” diplomas are the most coveted by this age group. Proud parents post pics of their proud graduates on social media, and framed diplomas are hung proudly!

10) Teach good behavior not good technique

So many martial arts teachers and instructors don’t want to teach toddlers. Reasons range from “feeling like a babysitter” to “that age group cannot comprehend the purpose of techniques” and everything in between.

If an instructor feels like a babysitter than he or  she probably is! If you have the mentality that the only activity you can do with toddlers is to watch them run around, then you ARE a babysitter. The teacher has to take charge and know what they want to teach to these kids. Focus? Patience? Sharing? Taking turns? Kindness?  Know that your short-term goal is to help them with basic life skills. And the long-term goal is to cultivate students for years to come!

Technique and comprehension is definitely not a good idea for these tots! Helping each with balance and coordination is a better choice.  Improving motor skills with appropriate drills-skills is a great choice too.  The good news is that we can absolutely help in making your toddler martial arts program a success.

Little Eagles® Martial Arts offers has compiled countless quick  ( average 2 minutes )streaming and downloadable video clips of actual classes.  In less than 10 minutes you will essentially have your lesson plan DONE!  Easily accessible by your staff, too. Your style; our supprt! 

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