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3 Reasons to Teach Martial Arts to Toddlers

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Should the master instructor teach toddlers?

The quick answer is : maybe. The next questions should be: is there an adult student that would be better than the master instructor?  There are certainly occasions when a reliable, trustworthy, mature adult student would be a better choice.  That’s a  decision for the owner(s) or manager to make. The title of this post is “3 Reasons to Teach Martial Arts to Toddlers”.  It’s not “3 Reasons Master Instructors Should Teach Martial Arts to Toddlers”!

Reason 1: Increase student numbers now and later

If you are waiting to enroll kids until they reach 4-1/2, 5 or even 6 years old, then you are losing between 6 months and 3 years worth of income. If you have already begun trembling at the thought of teaching a 3-year old, I refer you back to the first paragraph!  In over 20 years of running continuous Little Eagles® Martial Arts classes at our traditional karate school, our master instructor has never taught these classes.  He has, however, become these youngster’s instructor when they graduated out of Little Eagles® Martial Arts. Toddler program students now, kid’s program students later!

Reason 2:  New programs spark new interest

If you are just beginning a toddler martial arts program you have a great reason for new prospects to walk through your door.  Most likely you will generate students for your new toddler program from within your own current database! Parents of toddlers know other parents of toddlers, and so on and so on. 

It’s easy enough to start a program, any program. It’s another thing to turn it into a succesful program.  None of us were self-taught the techniques that propelled each of us into a career in the martial arts.  Each of us learned from someone, or from many, whom were experienced and qualified. That’s where Reason #3 comes in…

Reason 3: Your style + our support = One great toddler program!

You know best how to market and advertise for your business.  And we know how to offer you specialized  support to make your toddler program worth talking about! Your style and our support are the perfect combo for succesful toddler martial arts classes!

Little Eagles® Martial Arts offers invaluable support to keep your toddler classes full , without pages of curriculum or expensive monthly subscription costs. Weekly posts and suggestions will help instructors of any style of martial arts bring new and fresh ideas to your  toddler classes. We’ll provide links to video packages, marketing items, and informative articles. Plus links to online stores where you can purchase affordable products for your awesome toddler class! Nothing to sign-up for, use what you want when you want.

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